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Anita Murphy

Co-Founder - Product Development

Anita finds the pragmatic approach to realising the big mission for The Creativity Hub. Her role in product development is to take (what are often) abstract, complex ideas and translate them into usable playthings. 

She likes to play challenging games with rules that can be summarised on one side of a card. Imagine!

Rory O'Connor

Co-Founder - Product Development

Rory (tempered by Anita) holds the big vision for The Creativity Hub. He finds ways to turn his experience in the performing arts, creative problem solving, conflict resolution and energy psychology into games and playthings. He also tries (sometimes successfully) to apply what he has learned to the running of the company.

He likes to play games...a lot. He doesn’t mind losing as long as the game results in a good story to tell!

Amanda McClelland

Financial Controller

Amanda is our Financial Controller. She helps achieve our mission by bringing her experience in the finance sector to both our strategic decisions and the day to day financial needs of the company. Amanda ensures that we can fund the expansion of our product range and participate in projects such as Camp Zeitouna which are key to the Creativity Hub vision.

Amanda likes to play card games where strategy and forward thinking are essential.

Winnie Shek

Senior Graphic Designer

Winnie is our in house graphic designer. She works with Marketing to produce collateral for our distributors and retailers, and with Production on packaging design. She ensures The Creativity Hub voice, brand and message are in line with our mission and is communicated in a fun, creative way.

Winnie likes games that involve laughter, conversation and movement and, of course, great illustrations and design.

Pedro Pereira

Production & Logistics Manager

Pedro is our Production and Logistics Manager, and co-ordinates the manufacture of our games and playthings from start to finish. He is crucial to the Creativity Hub mission, and ensures that our products are made to the highest standard and are available to play with by individuals around the globe. 

He enjoys playing unusual games with quirky themes.

Rory Kelly

Key Accounts Manager

As Key Account Manager, Rory (R2 - as we call him) supports The Creativity Hub family of distributors around the world, working with them to develop market segments in each territory. R2 works closely with our partners, who share The Creativity Hub ethos of fostering imagination.

As one of our first retail partners in 2010, Rory helped shaped the early days of ‘Rory’s Story Cubes’ through his advocacy as manager with a leading UK book chain.

Rory likes the type of games that involve a snake, a ladder & sometimes a story. R2 is a terrible loser!

Candida Corscadden

International Sales & Marketing Manager

Our International Sales & Marketing Manager Candida is responsible for the strategic development of Rory’s Story Cubes® and The Extraordinaires® Design Studio. Her aim is to drive awareness and consumer engagement of our brands through innovative, exciting marketing programmes that are then executed by our distributors across the globe.

Can is an avid word game player - she'll take anyone on in Scrabble!

Kira Collins

PA & Business Administrator

Kira is our Business Administrator, she sees that the day to day running of the studio goes smoothly and the team is kept running efficiently. Kira maintains our business relationships and ensures that all I's are dotted and T's are crossed.

Kira likes strategy games that reward efficiency and resource management.

Tracy Dudkiewicz

PR & Media Manager, USA

Tracy is our eyes and ears for The Extraordinaires Design Studio in the States. She scouts out media and PR opportunities and spreads The Creativity Hub word. She ensures that The Extraordinaires are in the right place to be seen by the right people in the US.

Tracy likes trivia games that really challenge her general knowledge!

Emma Goudie

Packaging & Localisation Coordinator

Emma looks after localisation of all our products, ensuring that the information on our packaging is correct and clear and that The Creativity Hub brands are represented according to brand guidelines on every shelf across the world. She also co-ordinates other packaging projects and works closely with Production to bring new products to our family of distributors.

She really enjoys trying new games but likes a game which involves strategy and where planning is essential.

Catherine McMillen

Sales & Licensing, USA & Latin America

Catherine seeks out new retail partners in North and Latin America who are a good fit for The Creativity Hub and its mission. She is exploring opportunities with story-based brands that fire the imagination. 

She likes to play party games (and she is extremely competitive).

We make games and playthings that foster imagination, empathy and self esteem, because we want to see a world where these three things are fostered in every individual.

Rory's Story Cubes

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